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jan. 24e, 2008 | 09:59 pm

well.. a series of my friends are having babies currently... like lots... so i thought why is this journal stuff always about me? so.. over the next little while i am going to post little tributes to all my friends and their new little editions with the intention to remember it myself when the days turn into years and also to honor these beings in my life and send love to them...

soooo... i guess i can begin with my sister since she just had her baby..

little sofia madaline klassen. born December 10, 2007, 3 days before my own birthday.
she was supposed to be born right on my birthday but she wanted to be original so she came a few days early, don't blame her. it was a good 10 hours from the time malann's water broke until little sofia came out. I think i was in the midst of writing finals and pretty tired but i do remember the moment i found out, it was 3 am and i woke in the night wondering why dad hadn't called me to tell me the baby was born, all sorts of things went through my  mind, was malann okay? what's going on???!!! so i called him up and lo and behold, (so like my dad) he had fallen asleap again after he got the phone call.. indeed she was born, a little girl, even though everyone thought she was going to be a boy... everyone but Meeee that is... auntie sarah... yup thats me!
she was born in winnipeg so that means her flower is the prarie crocus!
here she is!

next up is hmmm.. i don't think i can keep track so i will just do those with baby's born and then those who are still carrying..
kay so then we have maybe my cousin's twins.. these are her second and third ones.. wowzers! LELA and NEVEYA.. i can't believe she survived it! my gosh! look at them looking at each other.. this was their first time being put together out of the womb! must be strange to have shared 9 months in a womb then out into the craziness of the world all by yourself! born ummm April 27th! good old facebook!

and her other little one.. EMMA

Next is step brother MATTY POWEL. also on his second one! my gosh! FREJAis their first and little EIR was born i think in october of 2007...
here she is with dady


Then... barrette labonte... also his second little girl called

Aina 'Kai born January 2008 - congratulations papa bonte!

Then i believe Courtney Townsend and Oscar is next with thier little boy, still in the belly but now overdue! I think last we spoke she was leaning towards the name Alejandro... here she is beautiful radiant mother to be.. i will never forget the closeness developed between her and i during her pregnancy... way to go little baby, good way to bring people together! updates when baby is born to come!

then my good old friend NUMA MAKENZIE... one of those radiant little beings that comes into your life and keeps on shinning, I am really happy that this happened to him because it forced him to stand by someone even when he thought he didn't want to... and now he and Shawn are expecting little baby COCONUT. such a perfect name for a wild islander! as if that isn't getting tattooed on ya boyeeee!!
here is his girl shawn expecting at the end of this month!!! another beautiful human being roaming about the earth! congrats!

and finnally MEAGAN KELLN although unexpected also, this little baby seems to be a jem in her life too! yay!! I had a vision of her as one of the most kick butt moms around... look forward to watching her in action. the baby bump!!!

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Christ ... opher

(pas de sujets)

from: kusali
date: jan. 29e, 2008 01:20 am (UTC)

beautiful my dear ...
nice tribute indeed.
i hope these little dudes and dudettes know they're on LJ!

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